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P6 Teachers




Tina was born and raised in Palos Verdes, California. She discovered the amazing benefits of the Pilates method as she attended many mat classes as a student. She became more and more passionate about the Pilates method and decided she wanted to spread the excitement of Pilates. Tina began her 3rd generation teacher training program with 2nd generation master Pilates  teacher, Caroline Londergan, at White House Pilates in Manhattan Beach, California and had completed her teacher training in 2018. She has boundless energy and a passion for continuing to learn and grow her practice so she can help inspire and motivate others in a shared love of Pilates, health and wellness.




When Janiece began her personal Pilates practice she was attracted to the total mind/body focus that the exercises demanded. After spending years encouraging others to experience Pilates for themselves, Janiece decided to begin the Basi Teacher Training program so she could be the one to introduce this functional movement to them. As an instructor, she has a great appreciation for Pilates adaptability being able to meet her clients wherever they are now, and continue to build from there.  “I love that every time you take a session, no matter how experienced you are, you discover something new.”

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